5 Types of Mobile Toilet For Sale

Toilets For Sale are one of the UK’s leading portable toilet and shower block suppliers. Working both nationally and internationally they are experts in the field of convenience services. As such we decided to take a look at 5 of the different types of mobile toilet they have for sale on their site.

1. Eco Friendly Compost Toilet

Popular with campsites or locations where access to mains water or drainage is limited these CSL Compost toilets are perfect. Offering a number of advantages over their chemical counterparts, compost toilets can go anywhere and are incredibly environmentally friendly. No mains water or electricity is needed just a healthy supply of sawdust or straw. Once full all you have to do is replace the collection container, no bad smells, no harmful chemicals.

Prices start from £1295.

2. Steel Vandal Resistant Single Portable Toilet

Made from a cold rolled, welded steel frame with polyurethane insulation these hardwearing, high quality mobile toilets come fitted with the means for hot water as well as anti-frost heaters and a porcelain toilet. Unlike other portable toilets these use clean fresh water instead of chemicals and are guaranteed to have a long life span. Quality and longevity doesn’t come cheap though, prices start from £2050.

3. Accessible Portable Toilets

CSL were quick to realize that a standard portable toilet doesn’t accommodate the needs of everyone which is why they began to stock accessible toilet units. These larger units are incredibly spacious making them suitable for a range of able bodied and disabled users. Baby changing facilities can be included if required.

Prices start from £999.

 4. Recirculating Chemical Portable Toilet

This robust unit has a large waste capacity compartment, re-circulating foot pump and the ability to house both a traditional toilet and a urinal if necessary. Noted as a ‘real step ahead in portable sanitation,’ this mobile toilet is perfect for construction sites, festivals or holiday parks.

Prices start from £495.

 5. Economy Self Service Portable Chemical Toilet

Unlike the other examples of mobile toilets for sale above, this toilet is designed for those situations where servicing is not possible. The cubicle houses a 21-litre removable cassette toilet, much like those found in caravans or on campsites. Instead of traditional servicing, the waste is disposed of by removing the cassette and taking it to a disposal point.

Prices start from £625.