Costs of prefab vs brick build sanitary facilities

What does it cost for a prefabricated cabin vs brick build?

Our prefabricated cabins can be designed with fitted toilets, showers & changing rooms at an average cost of £60 per square foot. You’ll certainly find the equivalent brick build will cost a lot more, on average £120 per square foot for a brick building with all the finishing.

If you’d like a quote for any of the floor plans you see on this website or need a quote for something bespoke, please get in touch and we’d be glad to help.

What are the benefits of prefabricated cabins compared with traditional brick buildings?

There are several benefits of choosing a prefabricated cabin compared to commissioning the design & build of a brick building.

  • Typical life spans for modular sanitary buildings (containing Toilet, Shower and Changing Room facilities) are 25 years for Timber Frame Construction and up to 50 years for Steel buildings.
  • Construction or Prefabricated building costs are also significantly less, usually about 50% of the cost of conventional brick construction.
  • Ground preparation is significantly easier and less costly than for brick buildings because most prefabricated buildings can be sited on relatively inexpensive concrete footings.
  • And finally, whilst construction of a fixed brick building can often take upwards of 6 months, the average lead time for prefabricated sanitary buildings is usually between 6-8 weeks.