Executive Toilet Cabins

Either select one of the options we have recommended or click on “How to Enquire” to complete the enquiry form and tell us what facilities you would like us to include in your own design of an Executive Toilet Cabin.

Our new range of superior Executive Toilet Cabins, designed for the country-wide tourist attraction market including activity and estate destinations. Visitors frequently comment on the quality and cleanliness of the toilets in their reviews, an appealing feature for any prestigious venue. The two layouts offered here are our most popular designs, but alternative facilities and interiors/exteriors can be custom designed at no extra cost.

The factory lead time for our Executive Toilets is normally within the range of 8-10 weeks. Delivery is by HIAB Lorry with mobile crane and our quoted price always includes delivery and unloading onto a prepared site.

How To Enquire

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Social distancing

Social distancingCheck out our solution for social distancing and portable toilets.

Executive Toilet Cabins

    Price guide from £31,600 plus VAT

    Size (mm) 6700 x 3200

    Accessible: 1 x WC, 1 x wash basin, 1 x baby changer

    Male: 1 x WC, 2 x Urinals, 2 x Wash basins

    Female: 2 x WC, 2 x Wash basins

  • Drawing No. E2 Dual gender Executive toilets with Accessible compartment
    Price guide from £38,600 plus VAT

    Size (mm) 8900 x 3200

    Accessible: 1 x WC, 1 x wash basin, 1 x baby changer

    Male: 2 x WC, 3 x Urinals, 3 x Wash basins

    Female: 3 x WC, 3 x Wash basins