mobile campsite toilet unit

Mobile Toilet and Shower Cabin Ideal for Campsites

We have recently produced a new design for a mobile toilet and shower cabin. Ideally suited to small camp sites, this shower and toilet block offers the ideal solution for campers to your site.

The Cabin is constructed on a steel trailer chassis with dual axles and wheels designed for off-road towing. This makes it ideal for moving between fields during the the camping season and into storage under cover when not in use.

Another great feature of this mobile toilet and shower cabin for campsites is that it is designed to operate without connection to mains electricity, operating like a caravan with a fitted heavy duty battery for gas boiler ignition and lights.

The heavy duty battery can be recharged using an inverter supplied with the unit and a diesel generator (not included).

All lights fitted in the cabin are low voltage, so the energy cost is limited to the cost of re-charging the battery and propane gas usage to heat the water.

This new mobile toilet and shower cabin was designed from customer feedback and demonstrates our ability to deliver a solution that suits a specific purpose.

If you would like more information about our new mobile toilet and shower cabin, please contact us.