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How To Setup A Chemical Toilet

Setting up a portable chemical toilet unit is simple, which is why so many of our customers simply chose a delivered unit that allows for them to install and set-up on their own. It’s also one of the reasons why more and more customers are choosing to buy their chemical toilets online.

Here is our simple five step guide for setting up a portable chemical toilet.

This chemical toilet unit works on a re-circulating basis, meaning the fluid in the base of the waste tank is recycled and used for flushing. To set up the chemical toilet unit you simply need to:

  • Lift the toilet seat lid completely and expose the base of the tank, you will see the in the bottom of the tank a hose and filter, which is attached to the pull flush handle.
  • Take your chemical additive and pour in the required amount. If using toilet chemical supplied by us, you will have a measuring section on the side of the bottle. Fill this up to suggested amount (normally 25ml) and pour into the base of the tank. If using another suppliers chemical, you will need to follow the instructions as per their recommendations.
  • Once the toilet chemical has been added, you will need to add water (approx 2 litres), enough to cover the filter bag attached to the hose, situated in the base of the tank.
  • Next, place down the complete tank lid and pull the flushing handle to test the toilet unit is drawing up fluid from the tank. If it is not you may need to add a little more water.
  • Once the water and chemical are flowing through the flush pump, the unit is ready to use. Please note you may have to pull the handle a couple of times to start with, this will expel the air and draw up the fluid.

You can continue to use this chemical toilet unit until it becomes full. The tank will hold approx. 132 litres of fluid before it will require emptying. Regular checks on the tank can be made by exposing the tank and checking – the unit will not flush if it becomes too full.

Emptying The Chemical Toilet

For the disposal of the waste from your chemical toilet, we recommend you contact a “Wet Waste Disposal” company within your area – These companies can be found in a local directory, yellow pages or online.

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