Social distancing

Toilet/Shower cabins & social distancing

Our solution for social distancing in toilet and shower cabins is to provide facilities allowing independent use by a number of people at the same time with a minimum of 2m access area for each person. For busy sites, markers can put on the ground to prevent people from queuing up too close to the doors, thus allowing leavers to depart safely.

These toilet and shower cabins are competitively priced. They are built to order and can be delivered within a few weeks of receipt of order. Social distancing in toilets cabins and showers is now more important than ever.

If you need a new toilet and shower cabin to comply with social distancing regulations, call us today on 0800 1389246 or submit an enquiry.


Social distancing in toilets cabins & showers

Building Specification
These Cabins will have the following features:

  • 6 No. Cubicles containing:
    • 1 No. Toilet and Cistern with 2 stage flush
    • 1 No. Shower enclosure with hot water pumped from hot water cylinder in Plant room
    • 1 No. Pedestal Style Wash Basin with Mirror
    • 1 No. Tubular Heater with stats on its own spur.
  • PLANT ROOM containing Hot Water Cylinder and low pressure pump
  • Non-Slip Vinyl Floor Covering – Colour: Blue
  • White Vinyl faced plasterboard internal wall finish.
  • Plastisol Steel External Finish – Colour: Forest Green Standard Marley Roofing composite