Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying Mobile Toilet & Showers

The Mobile Toilet & Showers sales market is a competitive one. There are companies across the UK selling these sought after items to those looking to host festivals, supply facilities for their construction workers or who own campsites. Whatever your reason is for being in the market for portable toilets for sale, this article looks at the pros and cons of investing in such an item.


  • Owning always works out more cost effective than renting.

If you are planning an annual event or own a company where by toilets are needed 365 days a year in various locations then buying a mobile toilet or 3 is a much more cost effective solution than having to rent them every time.

  • The variety.

Mobile toilets are no longer just those smelly green portable toilets of days gone by. No, now you can get a variety of mobile toilets from your eco toilet, which works with sawdust and compost to your luxury steel framed, toilet with heater in it.

  • They are mobile.

Investing in a permanent toilet block is all very well, but if you need to move it you can’t. Industries like events and construction need the freedom mobile toilets offer to move them from site to site and place to place.

  • Long lasting.

Mobile toilets, if treated well are long lasting. Whilst the investment might seem costly at the time, when you break it down over years of use, it is actually incredibly worthwhile.



  • Owning means storing.

One of the greatest downsides to owning a mobile toilet is you have to store it when it’s not in use.

  • Cleaning

If you own a set of mobile toilets then you are responsible for having them cleaned after use. Retailers should be able to provide you with the necessary details of a company who can do this for you if you choose to buy.