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TFS Compost Cabin

This eco-friendly Portable Toilet from Toilets for Sale is self-composting, requiring zero water, zero chemicals and zero pollutants. An environmentally responsible product, the separation of liquids and solids within the toilet allows for a much greener disposal of waste matters.
It’s incredibly robust sectional construction has a maximum load bearing weight of 200kg and features a comfortable sitting height and robust hinged lid.

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£990.00 (excluding VAT)

If a colour preference is required to specify in the “Notes” section when completing purchase.
£114.00 (inc VAT) for 5-day economy delivery anywhere in the mainland U.K.

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Both large capacity waste containers are removable and are sealable for during transit, with the 7.5 Litre Solids container featuring a secure lid and carry handle and the 8Litre Liquids container featuring a secure screw lid.

Always remember that it is good practice to fit the solids container with a biodegradable liner (found online from Amazon, binliners.co.uk etc) before use and for the user to sprinkle a handful of sawdust, wood shavings, peat, or similar, to cover over their solids to suppress any strong odours after each use. This will help with keeping things dry and starting the composting process. Regular checks of the content level are recommended to ensure the solids container does not become over full, likewise regular checks of the liquids container is advised so that they do not become overfull.

Tip: Use fresh pine sawdust or dry pine needles for a pine fresh smell, These products are available to purchase online from various retailers.

Please Note: Always follow instructions carefully regarding product care and safe disposal of waste.

  • Material of Compost Toilet: Heavy Duty Polyethylene (recyclable)
  • Open Dimensions: 42 x 32 x 52cm (H x W x D)
  • Compost Toilet weight 7.80kg’s approx.
  • Weight of toilet Unit 73kg’s approx..
  • Max Load Baring Weight: 200kg
  • Max Liquid Capacity: 8ltr
  • Max Solids Capacity: 7.5ltr

Cold water hand wash only, Standard Slim Jim hot water hand wash (requires power supply), TFS hot water handwash with forearm sink (requires power supply)

1 review for TFS Compost Cabin

  1. Jonathan Peacock

    First class service from Zoe, gave me instructions from start to finish on how to use delivered in a matter of days, very pleased with the Portaloo toilet well made clean and tidy thank you John

    • Zoe Yelland

      Thanks John for your review, Pleased we have met all your expectations. Many Thanks Zoe

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