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Single Portable Toilets

Discover our range of Single Portable Toilets options below. Ranging from compost, steel portable toilets, accessible toilets, mains connected, self-servicing and re-circulating toilets. Single Portable Toilets can be a great solution for a variety of scenarios. Contact us if you have any questions about our Single Portable Toilets.

  • Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

    £35.00 (excluding VAT)

    £545.00 (excluding VAT)
  • single portable toilet for sale

    TFS Mondo Re-circulating Chemical Portable Toilet

    £600.00£990.00 (excluding VAT)
  • TFS Self-Servicing Portable Toilet

    £695.00£742.50 (excluding VAT)
  • ARMAL Mains Connected Cold Water Sink

    £828.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Mains connected portable toilet

    TFS Compost Cabin

    £900.00 (excluding VAT)
  • Accessible Single Portable Toilet

    TFS Liberty Chemical Accessible Toilet

    £1,050.00£1,085.00 (excluding VAT)
  • ARMAL Mains Connected Hot Water Sink

    £1,196.00 (excluding VAT)
  • ARMAL Hot Water Shower

    £1,333.00 (excluding VAT)
  • ARMAL “Elite” Mains Connected Hot Water Sink

    £1,334.00 (excluding VAT)

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