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Single Portable Toilets

Whether your site has mains connection or not, our range of outdoor single portable toilets for sale are designed to meet every situation. Our units are constructed with lightweight durable polyethylene and come with a 10 year guarantee.

portable toilet and shower block for sale

Toilet and Shower Blocks

For applications such as camp sites and sports clubs; portable shower and toilet blocks can be designed to suit specific requirements and in different sized buildings up to 13m in length and 3m in anti-vandal steel or wood construction.

steel portable toilet

Vandal Resistant Toilets

Ideally suited for security sensitive applications, such as recreation grounds or construction sites, we can offer a variety of different standard floor plans for Steel anti vandal portable toilets and showers manufactured by Containex in Austria.

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Our Services

Self Servicing Chemical Outdoor Toilets

When you are looking for a portable outdoor toilet the most common is a chemical toilet, a chemical toilet can easily be moved from site to site as it does not require plumbing. The chemical toilet is ideal for locations where servicing will not be an easy task, the chemical toilet is fitted with a removable cassette toilet. Emptying waste from chemical toilets can be done easily and hygienically by taking the cassette to a drain or a waste disposal point. A Self Servicing chemical toilet can hold 21 litres of water for waste and 15 litres for flushing and allows 70 flushes between emptying.

Caravan Park Toilet Blocks

Toilet blocks are best suited to caravan parks as they will be in place for long periods of time. A toilet block offers much more space and has the appearance of a permanent toilet block and it is much easier to make them accessible for wheelchair users. Caravan park toilet blocks are free standing and they feature hand basins, toilet cubicles and male toilets also include urinals. There are many different ways to mix the ratio of male and female toilets that your toilet block provides so you can choose one which is better suited for your needs rather than having to purchase a standard toilet block.

Holiday Park Toilets & Showers

We offer toilet and shower blocks for sale for holiday parks. Toilet and shower blocks can be created to suit the needs of the holiday park with the opportunity for individual male and female blocks offering more toilets than a joint block. Holiday park toilets will be mostly permanent and will stay in one set place on the park, and this means that they can be made out of timber which is very durable and offers a more secure fitting. There is also the opportunity for toilets to be made from anti-vandal steel construction though they are not as aesthetically pleasing as timber toilet blocks.

Portable Changing Rooms

So many people are now using portable containers for whatever it is that their personal needs and requirements for them are, whether it be for a portable staff room or portable changing rooms their usage of them is shooting sky high. These containers are ideal to be used in so many different places, and because they are available in many different styles and sizes it is possible for everyone to find one that’s absolutely ideal for them. They are by far the best solution for places in which are out in the open and are extremely suited for rough conditions.

Portable Mains Connected Outdoor Toilets

If you are hosting an outdoor event and you require portable toilets then it is highly important that you get ones that are of a high quality. Portable mains connected toilets are extremely great if you are looking to provide your customers or guests with great care as they will be happy to experience these luxury facilities. There is absolutely no doubt that these toilets are highly wonderful as people are now choosing them to be used as permanent structures as opposed to just temporary. Portable toilets of all kinds have advanced so much over the years and can now be very clean and sanitary.